How much does IVF Treatment cost in Chennai 2024?

IVF treatment in Chennai is a simple procedure in which a fertility expert collects a woman's eggs & man's sperm to fertilize them in an IVF lab. Once fertilization occurs, the embryologist picks the most active embryo/s & transfers it into the birth mother’s uterus to confirm a successful conception. After 14 days of embryo transfer, the IVF specialist in Chennai asks the couple to visit the fertility clinic for a pregnancy test. The IVF specialist in Chennai conducts an ultrasound scan to listen to the infant’s heartbeats & if everything goes in the right direction, the IVF doctors in Chennai discharge the couple & advise them to meet their local gynaecologist for further treatment. The IVF cost in Chennai 2023 is around INR 2 50 000 for one fresh cycle.

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