How to Add a Link from a PC to a Facebook Story

There are several ways you can include a link in your story.
To add link to fb story, follow these steps:

Restart your browser.

In the address box, enter https ://m. /sharer.php ?u=yourlinkhere. Replace "yourlinkhere" with the complete URL of the link you want to include in your narrative.

Check News Feed and choose Your Story. On the other hand, select both if you want to post a link to your story and News Feed.

click the Facebook button.


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  • Here's a general guide based on the information available up to that point:

    Open Your Web Browser: Launch your web browser on your PC.

    Go to Facebook: Navigate to Facebook through the website on your PC.

    Log In: Log in to your account if you haven't already.

    Create a Story: Locate the "Create Story" option on your homepage or profile.

    Add Content to Your Story: You can add photos, videos, or text to your story as you normally would.

    Insert Link (Alternative Method): Directly adding clickable links to Facebook Stories might not be available on the desktop version. An alternative is to create an engaging story and mention in the text or image that the link is in the comments. Users can then check the comments for the link.

    Please note that the ability to add links directly to Facebook Stories may be subject to change based on Facebook's updates and feature releases. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, refer to Facebook's official help resources or community guidelines.

  • To add a link from a PC to a Facebook Story, use the Facebook Creator Studio and select the "Create Story" option, allowing you to include a link in your PC-generated Facebook Story.

  • To add a link to a Facebook story from a PC, you can either use the share link option or use Instagram. The share link option lets you post a link to your story using a browser. The Instagram option lets you create a story with a link sticker and then share it to Facebook. You can find more details in the sources I provided earlier.

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