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  • Hi! I've encountered the same problem before, and VLC Media Player is indeed a great suggestion. Another option you might consider is using IINA. It's a modern media player specifically designed for macOS, and it handles MKV files quite well. It off…
  • I agree with bkosland80. It's definitely a complex issue with no one-size-fits-all answer. While it's admirable to want to help someone you care about, it's essential to consider their feelings and autonomy. Gambling addiction is a serious issue, bu…
  • Building on bkosland's advice, I'd also recommend checking for any specific instructions on the card itself or in the accompanying documentation. Sometimes, there are platform-specific nuances or additional steps. And, don't forget to ensure your ac…
  • I totally get the need for some sweet visuals on your phone. For high-quality ice cream bar images, I recommend checking out Unsplash and Pexels. They have a great variety of free, high-resolution images. Just search for "ice cream bars," and you'll…
  • Hello, I too was interested in this question at one time. For a long time looking for the right information and finally came across a great article, which is just raised this topic.…