What is the process of fulfillment?

The fulfillment process refers to the steps involved in completing an order from receiving the customer's request to delivering the purchased product(s) to the customer. The steps involved in the fulfillment process typically include:

  1. Receiving the order: The order is received from the customer through an online platform, such as a website or mobile app, or by phone or email.
  2. Order processing: The order is reviewed and the availability of the products is verified. Payment is processed and the order is confirmed.
  3. Picking and packing: The ordered products are retrieved from inventory and packaged for shipment.
  4. Shipping: The packaged order is shipped to the customer using a chosen shipping method, such as ground shipping, express shipping, or international shipping.
  5. Tracking: The shipment is tracked, and updates are provided to the customer so they can know the status of their order.
  6. Delivery: The order is delivered to the customer and a delivery confirmation is obtained.
  7. Post-delivery: The customer's experience is evaluated, and any returns or exchanges are processed as needed.

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