Plasmolifting PRP Practice in Orthopedics

Plasmolifting PRP Practice in Orthopedics
Pain in the spine is a scourge of modern society. This symptom has bothered every adult at least once in their life. American experts say that this is one of the most common reasons for going to doctors and temporary disability.
The most problematic part of the spinal column in older people is the lower back. It is she who experiences the most intense loads, she constantly has to withstand the weight of the whole body. With age, degenerative changes increase in the intervertebral discs – they "shrink", lose elasticity. As a result, protrusions, intervertebral hernias occur. They become a source of chronic pain, sciatica, sciatica.
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Computerization and the growing number of office workers have led to the fact that neck problems are becoming more common. In addition to pain, they lead to dizziness, chronic fatigue, and decreased performance.
Usually people who experience pain in the neck or lower back are treated by neurologists with a diagnosis of "osteochondrosis" or "intervertebral hernia". Most often, in order to alleviate the patient's condition, doctors prescribe medications from the NSAID group (ibuprofen, naproxen, etc.), physiotherapy, blockade with anesthetics and corticosteroids.
All these methods are effective, but only for a certain time. They help to cope with the symptoms, but do not solve the main problem: degenerative processes in the intervertebral disc continue. It is difficult to influence them, because the disk continues to experience increased loads, and its blood supply in humans is quite weak and worsens even more with age. Natural regeneration mechanisms are not coping.
Nowadays, it is increasingly possible to hear about the modern effective method of treating spinal diseases – plasmolifting, or PRP therapy. Studies have been conducted that have shown that this technique helps to improve the condition of the intervertebral disc, activate recovery processes in it and relieve pain for a long time. Doctors of the Sova clinic successfully apply PRP therapy in their practice.
Plasmolifting PRP Practice in Orthopedics

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